BAR-Seq: Analysis of HDR Barcoded Cells

Clonal Tracking of Cells Gene Edited by Homology-Directed Repair

For questions related to the BAR-Seq pipeline you can contact:

Stefano Beretta

beretta dot stefano1 at hsr dot it

Ivan Merelli

ivan dot merelli at itb dot cnr dot it

If you use BAR-Seq, please cite:

Ferrari S., Beretta S., Jacob A., Cittaro D., Albano L., Merelli I., Naldini L., Genovese P.

BAR-Seq clonal tracking of gene-edited cells.

Nature Protocols, (2021).


Ferrari S., Jacob A., Beretta S., Unali G., Albano L., Vavassori V., Cittaro D., Lazarevic D., Brombin C., Cugnata F., Kajaste-Rudnitski A., Merelli I., Genovese P., Naldini L.

Efficient gene editing of human long-term hematopoietic stem cells validated by clonal tracking.

Nature Biotechnology, pp. 1-11, (2020).